Ryan's Space X 100gecs

I am finally seeing them live!

2023-03-04 | 01:20 PM

Ryan facing the paparazzi with the gecs

After 3 years, the amazing Laura Les and Dylan Brady from 100gecs have announced their arrival to British Columbia, Canada this April.

The cost? Pfffttt $40 Canadian dollars, over half of what ignorant Americans play. Naturally I love this, especially coming from the gecs themselves. I can't wait to see them live, like you can't listen to someone in any higher definition than that! It's just gonna be, totally wicked and I am so excited! Some songs I hope they play include 800 db cloud, allll the new stuff, bloodstains, ringtone, hand crushed by a mallet, came to my show, one step closer, and some other classics. But honestly anything will be awesome IMO.