Society, please just collapse.

I am sick and tired of your bullshit

2022-09-01 | 1:08 PM

Ryan Standing In A Torn Down City

Living in this modern world is so... difficult. We have let the over achievers and droneless "get out of bed right when I wake up and go 'contribute' to society" NPC's run our systems and constantly raise the overall human expectations SO high. It is overwhelming just to think of the state of the world, and I just get embarassed thinking of the intergalatic humanoids looking down on us thinking ALL of us our idiots. I am just so eagerly waiting for society to just fucking fall face first. This is unsustainable!

We are part of an industrial civilization, living in a globalized world with the highest levels of natural catastrophe, famine, and war in recorded history. With large numbers of people migrating, plus governments and corporations continuing to persue ever-growing economic growth, we are destined for a collapse. When? Well in a report released in the 1970's MIT Scientists agree that we will reach a point where natural resources will be so scarce that the economy and personal welfare will tank in the 2040's.

"Well, Ryan... that was done in the 1970's! We humans are very smart and versatile and we have CLEARLY done something to change that." Well no you ignorant twat. First off, a societal collapse is always guaranteed to happen where there is a society. Secondly, in 2020 an analysis researcher from Harvard has been analyzing these predictions from the MIT Scientists along side real world data! She used 10 variables, some of which included Population, Fertility Rates, Pollution Levels, Food Production and Industrial Output. She further expanded on the 1970's research to show that the real world data concludes "...a halt in welfare, food, and industrial production over the next decade or so...". You can read an abstract synopsis of her work from an issue of the Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Whilst we do not know what life may be like after a Societal Collapse, we do know that historically the fall of complex human societies with socioeconomic complexity can lead to the inevitable downfall of governments and rise of violence and/or anarchy.

Now for me anyways, this has been a beaming beacon of hope as someone who experiences an extreme distaste for the modern world and society. I will be around my mid thirties or early fourties when it goes down. How it goes down is ultimately unknown, in terms of what it will be like. Society may just end up being in every sense of the word, back to the 1900's economically and population wise. But that's being optimistic if your a capitalism loving ASSHOLE PIECE OF SHIT! I kind of hope it ends up being more extreme. I want the violence, I want the anarchy, I want to see systems and the people behind them burn to the fucking ground. I won't last long in an anarchy state world but I would do my absolute best to make sure anyone who wants to rebuild a society fails. Ultimately I want to squat in an old 70's house and just do what need be to survive for as long as I can, and when I do die, I will die happy knowing this hellscape world is over.

Well thank you for reading guys, I would love to hear your thoughts over in the Live Chat! What do you plan to do when society collapses? Do you want it to? Would you rather it not happen in your life? I am very interested in hearing about it!