RS Album of The Year so far...

BTW not a real thing

2023-08-23 | 10:19 PM

Ryan standing in front of the 2 albums of discussion.

So we are halfway through 2023 and in my scope of music taste there only seem to be 2 contending albums so far. BEN by Macklemore, and 10000gecs were both brilliant albums that tell the modern story of both these artists. Good and bad...

BEN is Macklemore's 5th "studio" album. It features 15 tracks in which Macklemore tells us his story, shares his views, and reflects on the past and in some cases society. (Along with a couple algorith pleasing songs but whateva). I could go ON about each song in this album for genuinely ages, like each one could be a post on it's own. But to summarize it he stays very true to himself, the views he has reflected in the past, and his fans. He yet again showcases a voice filled with passion and dedication and gives me this feeling to not only bust along, but to create. Because that's what Macklemore is, a creator and this album his his art. Yet again done with friends, and independently.

10000gecs is their first studio album and... you can tell. Now obviously this was a long awaited album and I won't bother with the story of it but it just was not worth the wait. It has no story or depth like 100, 1000, and Tree of Clues. Now we don't care about that. But it's just not them. They have like drummers and guitarists and the beats are so toned back in many songs and too organized. That isn't what it is about that isn't them and it is ugh. But it does sound good, I do enjoy the songs. It just isn't them. It tells the story of when they sold out to Atlantic. Still amazing usually to gec out too and it still recieved a spot on my RS Radio playlist and MP3 player.

So far it looks like BEN. Great albums check them both out if your music taste is niche like mine!