Who does this asshole think he is?

2023-03-08 | 10:08 PM

Finn sitting and playing the guitar.

Sooooo I guess my little brother is old enough to have an interest, and I guess he chose a "generic" one, but cool people do play. Not him, but some. Anyways so he messes up a "string" (not the char array from the c++ STD library) and he stole my "fuuuUUUUcckKKKKKk" and "noOOOOO" and "NO!"'s when I mess up in a program. Like bud, those words literally come after hours of rewriting an entire source file, not messing up a .2 second finger movement. Like IDK, the disrespect! Obviously this is partially satirical but cmon!!!!! Why does seemingly no one understand the struggles behind making a piece of software. More of a highlight of society than shitting on a single person.